Where Do You Start?

Welcome to my Ideas blog, and this inaugural post!

Having never done this sort of thing, I had no idea how to begin. Then it occurred to me that people often face exactly this problem with design or décor projects.  

Where do you start?

I think that the answer is to start with inspiration. The environment you surround yourself with should reflect what you love and what pleases you.

So maybe it’s that carpet you fell for, and bargained for, during your honeymoon in Morocco; the teak credenza you scored at a neighbourhood garage sale; or the piece of driftwood that caught your eye and rode home in your backseat from a local beach. 

Any of these things can be your starting point. That carpet’s captivating shade of blue can kick off your entire colour palette. The credenza can set the tone for a mid-century vibe you carry through your whole home. And your driftwood find can inform the colour of your hardwood floor. It did for me recently.

There was something about the wood’s natural shading that struck me. It lined up perfectly with characteristics a client talked about when we met to discuss the new home she was building. “Light, natural, casual, modern…” That led to my finding wonderful hardwood flooring that pulls all those elements together, and extends them throughout the house:

  Mirage  White Oak, Colour: White Mist Heavy Character

Mirage White Oak, Colour: White Mist Heavy Character

Who knows where this will take us next? 

The common denominator in this kind of discovery is you. How you design and decorate your home is an expression of who you are, informed by the experiences and artifacts you’ve gathered over the years. It’s as much about feelings as practical considerations. So begin by tapping into yourself. Start with what you have—in your possession, and in your head too. Then boldly follow that inspiration to your “happy place.”

Thanks for visiting, and if you enjoyed your stay, watch this space. I intend to add to it—time permitting—every month or so. Hope to see you again soon!